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Diode Schottky 40V 2A 2-Pin SMB T/R
ON Semiconductor
Type: Schottky Diode
Type describes the type of the component.
Configuration: Single
Configuration describes the construction, arrangement or configuration of the device.
Peak Reverse Repetitive Voltage: 40
Peak Reverse Repetitive Voltage describes the maximum instantaneous and continuous reverse voltage that can be applied across the diode without causing avalanche breakdown.
Maximum Continuous Forward Current: 2@Ta=75C
Maximum Continuous Forward Current is Maximum allowable average value of the forward current when using the diode as a rectifier.
Peak Forward Voltage: 0.5
Peak Forward Voltage describes the maximum forward voltage across the diode terminals under the flowing forward current measured.
Peak Reverse Current: 400
Peak Reverse Current describes the maximum reverse leakage current flowing through the diode under the applied peak reverse voltage.
Packaging: Tape and Reel
Packaging describes the method of containing/packaging a product for delivery or sales.
Minimum Operating Temperature: -65
Minimum Operating Temperature describes the minimum temperature that the device can function correctly while working.
Maximum Operating Temperature: 125
Maximum Operating Temperature describes the maximum temperature that the device can function correctly while working.
Peak Non-Repetitive Surge Current: 50
Peak Non-Repetitive Surge Current describes the maximum allowable surge current in the forward direction having a specified waveform with short specified time interval.
Operating Junction Temperature: -65 to 125
Operating Junction Temperature describes the temperature of the silicon die within the package of the device when the device is powered.
Temperature Flag: Stg/Jun
Life Cycle: Active
Maximum Power Dissipation: 1300
Maximum Power Dissipation describes the measure of the rate at which energy is dissipated, or lost, from a system.
Minimum Storage Temperature: -65
Minimum Storage Temperature describes the minimum temperature at which the device can be safely stored when the device is not powered.
Maximum Storage Temperature: 150
Maximum Storage Temperature describes the maximum temperature at which the device can be safely stored when the device is not powered.
Temperature Grade: Military
Automotive: No
AEC Qualified Number: N/R
Base Material: CuFeP
CECC Qualified: No
Contains SVHC: YES
Diameter: N/R
Dose Level: N/A
DW Flag: N
Exceed Limit: YES
Lead Finish Material: Matte Sn annealed
Lead Shape: J-Lead
Maximum Reflow Temperature: 260
Maximum Wave Temperature: N/R
Military Qualified: No
Moisture Sensitivity level: 1
Mounting: Surface Mount
Package Height: 2.2
Package Length: 4.32
Package Width: 3.56
PCB changed: 2
Pin Count: 2
Pin Out: N
Rad Hard: No
Schedule B: 8541100080
Standard Package Name: DO-214-AA
Supplier Package: SMB
Tab: N/R
Total Weight UOM: g
Total Weight Value: 0.0920000000
Under Plating Material: N/A