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Inductor Surface Mount
Inductor Power Shielded Wirewound 4.7uH/18.8uH 30% 100KHz Ferrite 7.18A/3.59A 0.0137Ohm/0.0479Ohm DCR T/R
Inductor Surface Mount
Mounting: Surface Mount
Mounting indicates the method of mounting the device.
Type: Power
Type describes the type of the component.
Technology: Wirewound
Technology describes the technology type of manufacturing the device.
Inductance: 18.8u|4.7u
Inductance describes the property of a circuit element that opposes changes in alternating current (AC), Inductance does vary as a function of frequency, the higher the frequency, the higher the inductance of a given device up to its SRF (self resonant frequency).
Tolerance: 30%
Tolerance describes the deviation from nominal value in percent.
Maximum DC Current: 3.59|7.18
Maximum DC Current describes the maximum recommended DC current for the inductor.
Maximum DC Resistance: 0.0137|0.0479
Maximum DC Resistance describes the resistance of the inductor winding measured using DC current.
Inductance Test Frequency: 100K
Inductance Test Frequency describes the value of frequency at which we measure the specified inductance or impendence value.
Core Material: Ferrite
Core Material describes the characteristics of the core material.
Protection Style: Shielded
Protection Style is method of protecting devices of magnetic field, or environment.
Packaging: Tape and Reel
Packaging describes the method of containing/packaging a product for delivery or sales.
Product Height: 6.2
Product Height describes the overall product height in the height direction.
Product Length: 12.5
Product Length describes the overall length dimension in the length direction.
Product Depth: 12.5
Product Depth describes the overall depth or width dimension in the depth direction.
Maximum Operating Temperature: 105
Maximum Operating Temperature describes the maximum temperature that the device can function correctly while working.
Minimum Operating Temperature: -40
Minimum Operating Temperature describes the minimum temperature that the device can function correctly while working.
Life Cycle: Active
Maximum Saturation Current: 4.86|9.71
Maximum Saturation Current describes the DC bias current flowing through the inductor which causes the inductance to drop by a specified amount from the initial zero DC bias inductance value.
Number of Terminals: 4
Number of Terminals describes number of package pins or device leads.
Minimum Storage Temperature: -40
Minimum Storage Temperature describes the minimum temperature at which the device can be safely stored when the device is not powered.
Maximum Storage Temperature: 125
Maximum Storage Temperature describes the maximum temperature at which the device can be safely stored when the device is not powered.
Temperature Grade: Industrial
Configuration: Dual
Configuration describes the construction, arrangement or configuration of the device.
AEC Qualified Number: N/A
Base Material: Cu
CECC Qualified: No
Contains SVHC: NO
Dose Level: N/A
DW Flag: N
Exceed Limit: NO
Lead Finish Material: Sn
Maximum Reflow Temperature: 260
Maximum Wave Temperature: N/R
Military Qualified: No
Moisture Sensitivity level: 1
Pin Out: N
Rad Hard: No
Schedule B: 8504500000
Under Plating Material: Ni