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Capacitor Ceramic Multilayer
Cap Ceramic 0.1uF 100V C0G 5% Pad SMD 1812 125°C T/R
Capacitor Ceramic Multilayer
KEMET Corporation
Capacitance Value: 0.1uF
Capacitance Value is a measure of a capacitor's ability to store charge, measured in farads F unit.
Dielectric: C0G
Dielectric describes the standard codes that define Insulator characteristics and prosperities.
Tolerance: 5%
Tolerance describes the deviation from nominal value in percent.
Voltage: 100VDC
Voltage is a quantitative expression of the potential difference in charge between two points in an electrical field.
Mounting: Surface Mount
Mounting indicates the method of mounting the device.
Construction: Flat
Construction describes the shape or construction of device.
Package/Case: 1812
Package/Case is a combination between package type or size code which defined as a code represents package dimension.
Packaging: Tape and Reel
Packaging describes the method of containing/packaging a product for delivery or sales.
Product Length: 4.5
Product Length describes the overall length dimension in the length direction.
Product Depth: 3.2
Product Depth describes the overall depth or width dimension in the depth direction.
Product Height: 1.25
Product Height describes the overall product height in the height direction.
Size: 4.5 X 3.2 X 1.25
Size describes the wire size or collection of dimensions.
Maximum Operating Temperature: 125
Maximum Operating Temperature describes the maximum temperature that the device can function correctly while working.
Minimum Operating Temperature: -55
Minimum Operating Temperature describes the minimum temperature that the device can function correctly while working.
Case Style: Ceramic Chip
Case Style describes the method used for product insulation.
Life Cycle: Active
Microwave Application: No
Microwave application is types of capacitors used at microwave frequencies where the microwave capacitors are used as tuning elements.
Termination Style: Pad
Termination Style describes the shape of pins, leads, terminals or connectors to show the way of its termination to a wire or PCB.
Technology: Standard
Technology describes the technology type of manufacturing the device.
Number of Terminals: 2
Number of Terminals describes number of package pins or device leads.
Maximum Dissipation Factor: 0.1
Maximum Dissipation Factor describes the ratio of the effective series resistance of a capacitor to its reactance at a specified frequency measured in percentage. Also known as loss tangent.
Equivalent Series Resistance Type: Extreme Low
Equivalent Series Resistance Type is a classification for the resistive component of a capacitor's equivalent circuit.
Automotive: No
AEC Qualified Number: N/R
Base Material: Cu
CECC Qualified: No
Contains SVHC: NO
DW Flag: N
Enabling Energy Efficiency: No
ESD Protection: Unknown
Exceed Limit: NO
Lead Finish Material: Matte Sn
Maximum Reflow Temperature: 260
Maximum Wave Temperature: N/R
Military Qualified: No
Moisture Sensitivity level: 1
Pin Out: N
Schedule B: 8532240020
Under Plating Material: Ni